Yes? No? Maybe?

A random trigger generator for randomizing your bleeps and bloops.

It takes a trigger/gate as input & copy it to five different outputs. Each output has its own chance to appear.

Arduino code is available here :

What you will need :
* 1 x Arduino Nano
* 5 x LED (green, red, whatever)
* 5 x 10k potentiometer (but any value should be OK)
* 6 x 1k resistor
* 1 x 100k resistor
* 2 x 1N5817 Schottky diode
* 1 x TL074 op amp
* 1 x TL072 op amp
* 2 x 10uF capacitor
* 4 x 100nF capacitor

Even if this schematic looks cool, please always test on a breadboard first! If you have any issue feel free to contact me! I’m still a hobbyist and some mistakes can find their way into my schematics!