Arduino based arpeggiator for modular synthesizer.

arduino code here :

2x Jack female output
1x Arduino Nano
1x MCP4725
14x switches (12 for the notes, 2 for the arp mode)
2x 10k resistors
1x 100k resistor
1x 1k resistor
2x Diode 1n5817 (schottky diode)
2x 10k potentiometer (4.7 k or 100k is Ok too) for the range and bias control

This is an updated version of the first version of this project. Thanks to all the people from the Look Mum No Computer forum who helped me to correct the mistakes made in its early version.
Also, a big thank you to first_blursed on Discord who helped me to “beta-test” this version.

You can find the thread on the LMNC forum here : (Thanks to Sound Bender for posting this project in the forum).

I didn’t put it here, but maybe using an Op-Amp buffer at the Pitch Output could protect the analog out of the MCP4725.

A v2 of the arpeggiator will be available in the next months. If you have some features idea, you can drop me a mail in the contact page.