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Expect the unexpected // Music video

Hi! I’m thrilled to share with you this brand new music video for my song “Expect the unexpected”.

This song will be part of my new LP “BRIGHTER” who will be out the 11th of June 2021 on the french label Bruit Blanc.

“This song is a declaration of love to unpredictability in life. Those big or small things that weren’t planned but happen still, that shape us, make us happy or sad sometimes. I think that nothing is set in stone, and that everything was born out of an unexplainable chaos. This actually soothes me, despite obstacles in life we can still try to shake things up.

This is what I wanted to say with those 5 intertwined guitar notes. I’ve never been very good with words, I feel more comfortable with my melodies.”

People building stuff #2

Here’s the Arpeggiator made by Klaus Onnen. Pretty clean! 😀 Thanks to him for sending me these pictures, that is super nice.

Also I discovered this upgrade of my MIDI looper :

Everything is explained in French, but basically this upgrade is 4 notes polyphonic & brings note length recording, which is awesome. This one is made with a Arduino Mega though, because the Nano doesn’t have enough space to store all the notes available.

Something new is on its way …

I just finished designing & building a new module : YES? NO? MAYBE? module. It is a “random trigger” but I don’t really know if it is the real name for this kind of stuff.

So, basically, it takes a trig/gate as input and reproduce it to 5 different output. BUT each output has its own chance to appear.

This is great of random bleeps bloops or any other generative kind of music, which is clearly my cup of tea.

Here’s some really sexy pictures …

Schematic and code will be available in a few days, and I will make a proper video to introduce it. But it is a really nice tools and I’m very happy with it!

ALSO, and for something completely different, I did a Twitch live stream few days ago that you can watch here :

I also use the new YES? NO? MAYBE? module a lot in this stream.

This is something new for me but I’m really excited to make new things like this on Twitch and I have TONS of ideas of things to code with the IRC chat feature (like offering the ability of the people who watch the stream to interact with the music … !!!)

I will talk more about those Twitch thingies soon. Feel free to follow my channel in order to receive notification when I go live.

Wandering #3


I upgraded my “Wandering” concept by adding some generative video projection. Something I’m working on with Max4Live on Ableton.

I added also a second camera, BUT it only recorded 3 minutes because … I forgot to clean up the SD card … Whatever, the first 3 minutes got a wonderful double camera montage, haha. This will be better the next time. Always!

People building stuff #1

Chris Bullock did a video where she talks about the Arpeggiator. She put it into a plastic cake dispenser (!!!), along with the AAAPPPCCC from Look Mum No Computer.

You can hear the result here :

Also, knopsl from Reddit, helped me a lot by troubleshooting my first MIDI looper circuit, which was wrong and had some pin issues regarding MIDI in and out. Many thanks to him! Here’s its creation :

MIDI Looper / Sequencer

I just finished this video explaining what this MIDI looper / sequencer does. I couldn’t explained all of the features in the video, so there’s a complete page dedicated to this project in the DIY SYNTHS section.

I’m really happy with this looper / sequencer, cause it helps me to improvise music without turning on my computer, and also recording/changing the notes on the go is a very pleasant way to work on note sequences.

I’ve tons of ideas about a next version of this magic box … Adding a screen for displaying values and offers more parameters to tweak, adding a SD card in order to save real patterns in order to make songs … like a MPC maybe?

What’s next? Maybe a MIDI pedal (I really need it) or a DIY synth module for random trig generation (I will need to build a new case first …)

Wandering #2

This is a quite long improvisation piece, recorded live at home using some of my DIY stuff, a few synths & some BLEASS audio effects on the iPad.

Next week, I plan to focus myself on shooting the video about the MIDI sequencer/looper.

Wandering #1

I was working those past days on my MIDI looper/sequencer and also on an instrument setup that could allow me to build music from scratch.

This video shows how I manage to record some MIDI notes in the looper, let them play endlessly, and improvise on it, tweaking sounds and FXs.

I added some extra cheap toy cymbals, I’m still figuring out how I can add some acoustic textures on top of all this synths.