Something new is on its way …

I just finished designing & building a new module : YES? NO? MAYBE? module. It is a “random trigger” but I don’t really know if it is the real name for this kind of stuff.

So, basically, it takes a trig/gate as input and reproduce it to 5 different output. BUT each output has its own chance to appear.

This is great of random bleeps bloops or any other generative kind of music, which is clearly my cup of tea.

Here’s some really sexy pictures …

Schematic and code will be available in a few days, and I will make a proper video to introduce it. But it is a really nice tools and I’m very happy with it!

ALSO, and for something completely different, I did a Twitch live stream few days ago that you can watch here :

I also use the new YES? NO? MAYBE? module a lot in this stream.

This is something new for me but I’m really excited to make new things like this on Twitch and I have TONS of ideas of things to code with the IRC chat feature (like offering the ability of the people who watch the stream to interact with the music … !!!)

I will talk more about those Twitch thingies soon. Feel free to follow my channel in order to receive notification when I go live.